What we do

We are your partner in Unreal Engine Development. We empower game creators by offering modular components, game templates, and courses. We strive to foster collaboration and innovation within our community. We are focused on Unreal Engine assets.

Hyper empowers creators worldwide by developing modular components for your game. Our goal is to assist your game project, allowing you to concentrate on its core elements while we furnish you with a solid foundation. Our tools are designed for flexibility and prepared to seamlessly integrate with any project concept you envision.

The founder

Hey! My name is Eric. I am from Games by Hyper.

I am the core creator of the Games by Hyper Assets for Unreal Engine.

In the past, I created and published games like Evolvation, but also had many different roles. For instance, I am a Teacher of Game Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Before and during my gaming adventures, I have a history in C-Level Strategic advisory, Program, and Project Management for coporates and governments.

I am a graduated Engineer but I also have a master’s in Information Sciences with Game Studies specialization.

Personally, I am married, have two children, and can be characterized as a passionate person.

I am also passionate about helping others. With the courses and modular components I am offering, I hope to be able to help people achieve their dreams within the gaming industry.

Hope to talk to you in the Discord!

Embrace your creativity

You can focus on the creative side of your project. We provide you the technical building blocks.

All our products are made with flexibility in
mind so it fits any project and is easy to adapt.

Modular Approach

We use a unique modular approach. You can choose which buildings blocks you need and which you don’t.

All our products are tailored to each other to ease the integration workflow. We provide you with detailed but easy integration documentation and support

Quality First

Excellence is our standard, and we adhere to core principles that position our assets at the top of what’s available.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive and Adaptable: Our products include the most common use cases across various game types, ensuring completeness and flexibility.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Easy adaptation is facilitated through a data-driven approach, offering spreadsheets for convenient mass edits.
  • Seamless Integrations: Our assets seamlessly integrate, ensuring flawless migration.
  • Blueprint-Exclusive Design: Accessible to both you and your entire team, our assets are designed exclusively in blueprint format.
  • Extensive Documentation: From detailed code comments to post-verification documentation, we strive to provide comprehensive insights into the workings of our systems. Our aim is not only to explain what happens but also why, fostering a learning environment for you.
  • Production-Ready Assurance: We commit to delivering assets that are ready for seamless integration into your production environment.

What our ambassadors say

This is what a proper framework should look like. The system isn't overly opinionated, and it's build so cleanly and modularly that it's very easy to customize and retrofit to your own needs... especially if you aren't building a full-blown FromSoft style ARPG (which is the kind of niche that ACF caters to). The documentation is excellent, the blueprints are all well documented and easy to follow, and this really is a perfect foundation for building all kinds of games.

This is an amazing building system that is easy to use and full of features I didn't really expect to find. Everything you would need is here. It comes with some very nice models, and using custom models seems manageable. There's a lot to it, but the documentation is great and the support is top-notch. I have a couple of other packs from this dev and they mix pretty well. This is some real good stuff.

What to say. Simply a masterpiece. But I would recommend buying the Building System with it. Both assets together work great. You can craft all the items you need for your game. You can also set how many and which materials you need for an item.

Take a look at the video. There are so many things in the asset. The price is definitely justified.

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