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Manage Attributes and state effects for any type of game like RPG and Survival.


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Attribute Manager

Does your character need attributes like health and many others? Does your character need to be set on fire when he is in the middle of a fire particle? Do you want to subtract Stamina or Mana when performing an action? This and many other things it will do for you!

Key Features

This system is very extensive, the core features are as follows:

  • Managing Attributes
  • Managing State Effects
  • Extensive attribute management functions
  • Datatable driven


They are defined into 6 main categories:

  • Non-Persistent_Character_Attributes
  • Persistent_Primary_Character_Attributes
  • Persistent_Character_Survival_Attributes
  • Persistent_Generic_Combat_Attributes
  • Persistent_Ranged_Combat_Attributes
  • Persistent_Level_Attributes

State Effects

The attribute manager has a state effect manager.

  • These state effects are fully driven by a data table.
  • These state effects can be activated or removed.
  • These states will be automatically activated based on your current state or even on consumption.

Several states:

  • Sick
  • Healthy
  • Infection
  • Wounded
  • Poisoned
  • Drunk

Misc States:

This affects the chill temperature of the individual.

  • Wet
  • Warming
  • On Fire

Temperature states:

Based on “external temperature”, the temperature state is switched.

  • Be aware, the character also has a “Chill” temperature.
  • The chill temperature can differ per character.
  • This is dependent on a chill temp penalty.
  • The penalty is determined by e.g. clothing if is wet, or near a fire and warmed.
  • Each state has a screen animation effect.


Optional courses available:

e.g. UE Basics and Multiplayer Survival Framework
The Survival Framework course helps to comprehend an extensive framework that also highlights “why” certain architectural choices are made with the goal to provide you with foundational knowledge.
*Please refer to the Discord for all the details and info

About Hyper

Hyper empowers creators worldwide by developing modular components for your game. Our goal is to assist your game project, allowing you to concentrate on its core elements while we furnish you with a solid foundation. Our tools are designed for flexibility and prepared to seamlessly integrate with any project concept you envision.

Quality First

Excellence is our standard, and we adhere to core principles that position our assets at the top of what’s available.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive and Adaptable: Our products include the most common use cases across various game types, ensuring completeness and flexibility.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Easy adaptation is facilitated through a data-driven approach, offering spreadsheets for convenient mass edits.
  • Seamless Integrations: Our assets seamlessly integrate, ensuring flawless migration.
  • Blueprint-Exclusive Design: Accessible to both you and your entire team, our assets are designed exclusively in blueprint format.
  • Extensive Documentation: From detailed code comments to post-verification documentation, we strive to provide comprehensive insights into the workings of our systems. Our aim is not only to explain what happens but also why, fostering a learning environment for you.
  • Production-Ready Assurance: We commit to delivering assets that are ready for seamless integration into your production environment.


Illustrative Images and Content

Within the product page, I include sample images showcasing how the product can appear within a populated scene. Please note that the populated scene itself is not provided, but you can explore the full experience in the demo.

The majority of the content is crafted by me. However, I also incorporate exceptional assets from Epic Games when available. Additionally, I utilize CC0 assets wherever feasible. Credits for external assets can be found in the readme files.

Technical Specifications

  • Enhanced Input
  • Network Replicated
  • I expect it to work on all platforms, only tested on windows
  • Main logic implemented in actor components so you can drag and drop it on an actor
  • Datatable driven where possible


Blueprints: 105
Meshes: 66

Multiplayer Survival Template [MST]

You can use this modular asset as a building block in your projects or in conjunction with my other modular assets. Additionally, it comes pre-integrated in the MST Starter, Plus, and Pro versions.

Support, community and documentation📁:
Upon purchase verification, you gain access to support forums for addressing bug encounters, data models, and a helpful community.
Documentation📑and YouTube 🎥 is accessible through Discord without the need for verification.
I comment extensively in the code, not just to explain actions but also to provide insights into their reasons, aiming to enhance your learning experience.