Multiplayer Survival Templates Released

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Hey game developers,

Exciting news! We’ve just launched the Multiplayer Survival Template (MST) after years of hard work. If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own survival game, the MST is the perfect starting point. It’s super modular, well-organized, and reliable – making game development a breeze.

Meet the Multiplayer Survival Template [MST]

The MST isn’t just any template; it’s a complete solution for developers wanting to create awesome multiplayer survival games. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, this template provides a solid foundation.

Key Features:

  • Modularity: The MST uses Hyper Modules, giving you a flexible and customizable framework. You can start small and upgrade as your project grows.
  • Organized Design: No more messy code! The MST has a well-organized structure, making it easy to navigate and modify for your needs.
  • Robust Performance: We know stable multiplayer experiences matter. The MST is built for top-notch performance, ensuring smooth gameplay for both developers and players.

See the MST in Action

Want to see the MST’s power? Check out our trailer video:

Start Small, Upgrade Anytime

Begin your game development journey with the MST’s Starter Tier. Try it out and easily upgrade to Plus or Pro as your project grows.

Information Sheet and FAQ

For a deep dive into the framework, check our detailed Information Sheet and FAQ: MST Information Sheet


The MST is now on the marketplace and our store. If you’re waiting for a free add-on, we’ve contacted Epic to speed things up.

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey! We can’t wait to see the amazing games you’ll create with the Multiplayer Survival Template.

Happy coding!

Eric Ruts
Games by Hyper

Eric Ruts

Eric Ruts

Hey! My name is Eric. I am from Games by Hyper. I am the core creator of the Games by Hyper Assets for Unreal Engine. In the past, I created and published games like Evolvation, but also had many different roles. For instance, I am a Teacher of Game Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Before and during my gaming adventures, I have a history in C-Level Strategic advisory, Program, and Project Management for coporates and governments. I am a graduated Engineer but I also have a master's in Information Sciences with Game Studies specialization. Personally, I am married, have two children, and can be characterized as a passionate person. I am also passionate about helping others. With the courses and modular components I am offering, I hope to be able to help people achieve their dreams within the gaming industry.

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