Dynamic Crosshairs, Camera Shake, Aiming Down Sight, Sniper Overlay, Recoil

Dynamic Cross-hairs, Camera Shake, Aiming Down Sight, Sniper Overlay, Recoil

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Hello Game Dev’s,

Check out this new dev-log of the Ultimate Combat system. In this video I am explaining my progress regarding Dynamic cross-hairs, Camera Shake, Aiming Down Sight, Sniper Overlay and Recoil.
Getting the dynamic cross hair was quite hard since it includes many factors like crouching, proning, running, aiming down sight and shooting.

I hope you like the progress. Let me know what you think!

With kind regards,

Eric Ruts

Eric Ruts

Hey! My name is Eric. I am from Games by Hyper. I am the core creator of the Games by Hyper Assets for Unreal Engine. In the past, I created and published games like Evolvation, but also had many different roles. For instance, I am a Teacher of Game Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Before and during my gaming adventures, I have a history in C-Level Strategic advisory, Program, and Project Management for coporates and governments. I am a graduated Engineer but I also have a master's in Information Sciences with Game Studies specialization. Personally, I am married, have two children, and can be characterized as a passionate person. I am also passionate about helping others. With the courses and modular components I am offering, I hope to be able to help people achieve their dreams within the gaming industry.

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